The Hillary Clinton DNC Checklist of Insults to Use Against Trump Voters

This is a draft from a few months back, but I thought I needed to bring it up today.  I’ve heard the insults that are often leveled at Trump voters “racist, misogynist, xenophobic, bigot…” so many times recently that I thought to review this draft:

Senator Patty Murray Follows The Clinton – DNC Playbook To The Letter

A Washington State Senator had some choice words recently, regarding the rise in politically-inspired confrontations on college campuses. While she began by making a point about free speech on campus, she quickly drifted to attacking Conservative student voices. One quote from Senator Patty Murray on Trump,

“When you look at who we have in the White House right now—some of the rhetoric he has used and continues to use, some of the people he has hired, and some of the groups he has encouraged—it should not come as a surprise when we see an apparent resurgence of hate, bigotry, xenophobia, and misogyny on our campuses,”

The quote finished with words that we have all seen before, spewed by some mouthpiece for the Left’s degenerate circus and aimed at, either Donald Trump, or (usually White) Conservative American men.

  • Racist
  • Misogynist
  • Xenophobic
  • Bigot

These 4 terms are what I like to call the Hillary Clinton – DNC Checklist of Insults.

As soon as I saw this, I was reminded of someone who is close to me. I received an e-mail rant from them about Trump almost a year ago today. The quote “He is a bigoted, misogynistic, racist, xenophobic pig, just like his supporters.”

Those same words repeated, quite frequently and from multiple sources. Thus any social justice warrior/ “woke” individual / feminist/ transgender defender tends to use those same words.

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