Shannon Sharpe Pulls Out The Race Card To Explain Why Dannon Dumped Cam Newton

I’m beginning to wonder if Fox Sports 1 co-host Shannon Sharpe is hell-bent on becoming a weave-free version of ESPN’s race-baiter, Racist Jemele Hill. During today’s installment of “Undisputed,” he spoke with co-host Skip Bayless about Dannon scrapping their sponsorship arrangement with Cam Newton. From Breitbart:

“Cam losing an endorsement over being condescending and dismissive of a female reporter seems like a stretch,” Sharpe stated. “It’s basically Cam got 15 years in prison for going 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. … Had he made that comment to a male journalist, does he lose his endorsement?”

He added, “Here’s the thing here though, Skip, I don’t believe this is why they dismissed him. I believe they dismissed him because of what he did on Sunday because although he did not kneel for the anthem, he did not sit for the anthem, he did raise his fist after he scored that touchdown.”

“Oh, so you think Dannon dismissed him more for the raised fist than this?” co-host Skip Bayless clarified.

“Of course,” Sharpe replied. “All the condescending remarks did was provide cover because if you dismiss him because he voiced his First Amendment right, people are going to be looking at you like, ‘Well hold on, wait a minute. You say you’re for gender equality and all this and now you try to suppress a man’s First Amendment right.’”

Alright Mr. Sharpe, let’s clear a few things up.  First Amendment rights cover all Americans. But they don’t cover Americans in the workplace. Most of us who work for an employer would get promptly shit-canned for rolling into work with a “Make America Great Again” shirt or some pro-Trump swag. As (we hope) a co-worker with an opposing view would get a one-way ticket to Human Resources for showing up with a giant pussy hat or a “Nasty Woman” shirt covering their flabby body (more often than not, it’s true). When Cam Newton takes the field, he is on his job.  And when he’s there, the vast majority of fans do not want to see some bullshit anti-White posturing when he reaches the end zone. So, Mr. Sharpe, quit whining about how this ‘suppresses’ his First Amendment rights.

Also, First Amendment rights or not, Whites now identify the raised fist as the logo for Black Lives Matter, and a silent indicator of support for a group of anti-Whites and cop-killers. If it was about Newton’s gesture, I’m pretty sure he would have been dumped earlier in the week, before he made the comment about female reporters.

Dannon came out with a statement that pretty clearly stated the reason for severing their ties with Newton;

The Dannon statement noted the company perceives Newton’s comments as “sexist and disparaging to all women. … It’s simply not ok to belittle anyone based on gender. We have shared our concerns with Cam and will no longer work with him.”

I wish that Dannon came out with a statement like this: “Cam Newton’s raised fist in the endzone this Sunday was a disturbing display of anti-White race-baiting. We apologize to our customers. Cam will no longer represent us.”

However, Mr. Sharpe, Dannon has given zero indications that firing Cam Newton was due to his raised fist. My advice is for you to stick to ‘hot takes’ not ‘racial conspiracy theories.’  Fox Sports 1 is taking in viewers who are disgusted with ESPN personalities insistence on following the Worldwide Leader’s race-baiting, anti-White narrative. Spewing speculative bullshit like this is no way to welcome new viewers. The last thing they want to hear is more anti-White ramblings.  Leave that to mouth-breathers like Racist Jemele Hill.

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