The Gift That Symbolizes Traitor Angela Merkel – The Mini Gallows

Is any world leader as deserving of these *symbolic* gallows as Traitor Angela Merkel?  Well, some enterprising European businessman shared the same sentiment as I do.  His mini-gallows are cries from Germany for her political death.

A German businessman has been allowed to sell miniature gallows “reserved” for Chancellor Angela Merkel and Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel. Prosecutors found the handicraft to be “satirical souvenirs” and even “works of art.”

An owner of a small online shop located in the eastern German town of Chemnitz has put miniature souvenir gallows on sale. The wooden crafts have notes attached to them that read: “Reserved for Angela ‘Mummy’ Merkel” and “Reserved for Sigmar ‘low-life’ Gabriel” as well as words “betrayers of the nation” written on the gallows themselves.

“Betrayers of the nation” is a title fitting for Traitor Angela Merkel and her European Union cronies. Merkel hates Germany, and history will remember her as a Judas to the German people, a warning for future generations to shun any feminist, or woman for that matter, who runs for their nation’s highest office.

Thousands have been killed, raped and harassed at the hands of Muslim refugees who she allowed into her continent. Her hatred for Native Europe has inspired me to write not one, but two terrorism-themed Christmas carols to put a spotlight to her “accomplishments.” These mini-gallows represent a call for Merkel’s political death. How much longer until Europeans drop the word “political” from their demands?

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