The Profound Chasm in Beauty Between #BabesForTrump and #BabesForHillary

In what should be obvious to anyone who isn’t legally blind, there is a vast dichotomy in grace, refinement, and yes, beauty between your average female who voted for Donald Trump for President vs. those who cast their ballot for the Whitewater Wench.  While you could initially surmise that this is based on a naturally biased opinion, I believe that this leans toward certifiable fact.  If we take a broad sample of the voters across the age and visual spectra, there is a profound chasm in beauty and attractiveness between the opposing sides. This is all too apparent when comparing the Instagram pages of #BabesForHillary and #BabesForTrump.

Now, beauty is not merely encompassed by physical features such as facial symmetry, genetics and shapeliness.  Femininity, charm and elegance are part of the intangibles that can arouse a wildly attractive quality in a woman who may not be blessed with the looks of a drop-dead stunner. But no matter how many will deny or rage against this, looks still matter in this world and men are primarily visual creatures.

While female attractiveness matters in the realm of social media, it reigns supreme on Instagram, as evidenced by the millions of women who post on the app, and the abundance of filters that they use to enhance and even significantly alter their pictures.

Today, I typed in the hashtags #BabesForTrump and #BabesForHillary on Google. Yes, this is just a thin slice of the supporters of Trump and Hillary, but the gap in visual attractiveness of the females attached to the respective hashtags is astounding, and obvious, even to the politically biased observer.   The women pictured under #BabesForHillary typically feature some combination of discolored hair, bulbous proportions, sour expressions, and an unfeminine vibe.  By contrast, the ladies pictured as #BabesForTrump are trim, attractive, and have an air of femininity to them. Their facial expressions belie a sense of excitement. They simply display significantly more qualities that are found to be conventionally attractive than their counterparts.

Let’s take a look at a cross-section of the ladies under their respective hashtags.

She would be attractive in another setting.  But here she is mirroring the poster of Hillary in a Mao Tse Tung- styled poster, which is rather appropriate, given his contributions to Communism. Should Hillary open a TGIF with her millions in donations from Saudi Arabia, I think we know who’s in line for an assistant manager position.

This is not a babe.  Or even a female.  Let’s keep it moving.

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don't vogue…VOTE!

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Okay, so this guy is in a photo with a awkwardly artsy female, but let’s address the elephant in the room here; look at how much metal is on him!  I really want to ask him why his hands look like Xerxes from 300.

These ladies should take HRC’s quote to heart.  A treadmill is a nice place to start.

Nothing says ‘babe’ like chopping your hair above the neck, dyeing the remaining patch green and tagging your picture with #fuckoff2016.

If I could find one picture that sums up the level of attractiveness I feel for the participants thus far…

You can stop throwing salt in your eyes, it gets better from here.

She’s slender, cute and you can see her smile despite the distance in the photo.

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Somebody get me this dress please 😍

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Nothing more to add.

Do you see a pattern here?   Amber is not rocking a swimsuit or a tight dress but, like the ladies in the previous photos, her expression project an obvious pride.

Yes, there is a guy in a photo tagged #babesfortrump, but he more than maintains a masculine profile as he is surrounded by two ladies.   If you observe any of the men in the #babesforhillary collection, whether they are featured, or are in the background of the photo, they tend to be skinny and waif-like, or chubby and out of shape; attending pro-HRC rallies may very well be their best chance of getting attention from women. This guy obviously works hard to keep himself in shape and is the type of guy you would expect to be in the company of attractive females.

Looking to compare two pics with similar poses?  Glad you asked…

This is one of the few pictures under the hashtag featuring the flag.  Are they attractive females?  Maybe the two on the ends.  But how can you tell when they are hiding their bodies behind Old Glory? Also, Old Glory would be an appropriate nickname for that lady in the center.

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#USA 😍😍

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No hiding behind the flag here.  And broad smiles instead of bitter smirks.

For the win.

Let’s Make America Gorgeous Again.

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  1. I have always maintained that a persons inner beauty more often than not shows up on the outside. The only conclusion I can come to regarding the incredible disparity in the looks. The pretty girls smile, and that only adds to their attraction, the ugly girls are usually pissed off about some inane asinine issue and their faces reflect the attitude.

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