Has A Column Devoted To “Crazy White-People News” Could ‘Wypipo’ Ever Do The Same?

So, I recently stumbled upon a website called, a website that really is pretty much just for the enjoyment of Black people and no one else, kinda like Mahogany greeting cards. I was lured in there by an article that a friend sent me:

This Belly Flop Contest Into a Pool of Mayonnaise Is the Best-Ever Example of ‘That’s Some White-People Shit’ 

Now, even though this site is about the media’s war against Whites, I’m not about to get all racially preachy at here.  Because the article actually was pretty funny, and let’s be honest with ourselves… a cluster of North Floridian Caucasians, filling an inflatable pool with mayonnaise on a hot summer day, and then organizing and videotaping a belly-flopping contest into the pool of mayonnaise in question is pretty much the pinnacle of ‘White people shit.’ It’s a level or two up from mudding.

When I examined the site afterward, I ran across another article called Crazy White-People News.” This article was not nearly as humorous.  A disclaimer ran at the top of the page at

Before we begin, we want to make it clear that the enclosed references to “white people” do not literally mean all white people. While I’m sure you are aware that humor is built on the generalization of truths, and intelligent people know that nothing in the universe is 100 percent, there is a distinct subset of people whose egos and privilege have gone unchecked for so long that they apparently think every article is a personal note speaking directly to or about them.

Which is pretty much the equivalent of when someone prefaces their remarks with, “I’m not a racist, but…” The author, Michael Harriot, comes across as try-hard and unfunny in pointing out, what he considers to be news about Whites.  By using the derogatory term “Wypipo” (Harriot was kind enough to give us a full page definition of the term) and hiding behind a bullshit disclaimer, Harriot provides a shining example of racial inequality toward Whites on the Internet.  Because how long would a site stay up online with a title “Crazy Black-People News,” using racially questionable terminology before we would see rioting, looting, BLM blocking the streets and Al Sharpton lecturing the masses who still care to hear whatever lies fall from his mouth?

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