Top 10 Posts of 2017

With the first calendar year of blogging finished, we’re rolling out some new features for 2018.  For new readers, here are my top 10 posts of 2017.

“Donald Trump is Taking You Down” 

Oh, you better watch out,

You’d better not kneel,

Better not pout,

Cause shit’s getting real,

Donald Trump is taking you down…”

The Profound Chasm In Beauty Between #BabesForHillary and #BabesForTrump

“In what should be obvious to anyone who isn’t legally blind, there is a vast dichotomy in grace, refinement, and yes, beauty between your average female who voted for Donald Trump for President vs. those who cast their ballot for the Whitewater Wench…”

Rancid Feminism T-Shirts for Empowered Skanks

“Men are becoming less more alert to modern women’s flaws and less apt to date those who advertise said flaws.  Women who wear these Rancid Feminism T-shirts might as well tattoo “For the Love of God DO NOT Wife Me Up!” across their chests…”

If You Voted For Donald Trump, or if You are White, it is Time to Boycott ESPN Racist ESPN Anchor Jemele Hill Calls Donald Trump a White Supremacist Racist ESPN Anchor Jemele Hill Calls Donald Trump a White Supremacist

“Most of us who tune in to ESPN are well aware that anchor Jemele Hill is not particularly known for insightful commentary.  ESPN’s decision to team her up with Michael Smith earlier this year for the 6PM edition of SportsCenter, rebranded SC6, was highly questionable  as ratings have hollowed out since bringing on Hill and Smith.  Her ascension into prime time has given ESPN viewers a greater opportunity to witness how often, both subtly and overtly, Hill pulls out the ‘race card’ in discussing everyday sports topics…”

Kijuana Nije – Worst Side Chick of 2017

Worst Side Chick
Kijuana Nije Chris Foerster Dear White Men Date Me At Your Own Risk Worst Side Chick

“There’s still a few months left before 2018, but, short of a Lorena Bobbit redux, we’ve got our winner for the Worst Side Chick of 2017. Kijuana Nige runs away with the award for posting a video of Miami Dolphins offensive line coach, Mike Foerster snorting a line of coke before a team meeting…”

NFL Fans Don’t Trust Colin Kaepernick

“Since kneeling for the National Anthem during a preseason game back in 2016, the currently unemployed quarterback has become a lightning rod for social commentary, both in support of his actions and against. For NFL fans, it has mostly been ‘against.’ While the NFL initially supported the activist trend among its players, they abruptly changed course as attendance declined, ratings plummeted and fans just stopped going to games…”

RIP Playboy Magazine Playboy-Magazine-Transgender-Model-Ines-Rau-False-Advertising Playboy Magazine Transgender Model Ines Rau False Advertising

“By promoting a transsexual to the cover of the world-renowned publication, Playboy isn’t simply pushing gender politics on us. They are planting their degenerate flag of homeliness and disfigurement on what was once a celebration of feminine beauty, and an enduring symbol for American men…”

Anti-White Christmas Carol #2 – I’m Dreaming of a Terroristmas

“I’m Dreaming of a Terroristmas

Just Like New York is soon to know..

Where American’s cower,

and Muslim’s are empowered,

By mayor Bill DeBlasio…”

White Fans Don’t Matter to the NFL

“Over the past few years, fans of the gridiron have seen the games they love polluted by unwelcome political discourse. ‘Football Sunday’ has been besieged by kneeling social justice warriors and black power-saluting race baiters. NFL games are now platforms for star players and and ancillary figures alike to lecture fans on their views of race relations…”

(Kevin) Spacey’s Dong Spacey's Dong Spacey’s Dong

“Spacey’s Dong” (Sung to: Stacy’s Mom)

“Do you remember that time when Kevin was drunk? (Kevin was drunk)

And then came up to you and touched your junk (touched your junk)…”

Thanks to my readers who have followed for the last few months. For you new readers, I hope you enjoyed my top 10 posts of 2017.


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