Top 3 Reasons Why I Knew Michael Bennett Was A Race Baiter

When Michael Bennett came out with his story of police using “excessive force” this past week, the  liberal media ate it all up, savoring every bite.  After attending the Mayweather McGregor fight, Bennett was briefly detained by the Las Vegas Police Department.  As a result of this, Bennett claimed to media outlets that he was unfairly singled out, and that police threatened him with a gun near his head.  He accused police of racial profiling and stated that this was nothing more than him being targeted because he was “simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time…” ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith remarked how he was “thankful that Michael Bennett is alive…”

His claims of police mistreatment kickstarted a trend of kneeling  and arm-clasping during the National Anthem in the NFL this past week, which provoked a rebuke to players from Donald Trump, leading to media personalities lining up to paint the President’s comments as racially-tinged.  NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell doubled down on his commitment to bashing viewers with ‘social justice’ commentary, a piss-poor business decision that will carry disastrous financial consequences for the league in the coming months.

Not to brag here, but shortly after the news broke, I knew, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Michael Bennett race-baiting. I had many reasons for this, but here are my top 3.

#1- He had a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement on speed dial.   Yep, within the first few hours after being detained, Bennett texted Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors for “support.” Now, I don’t trust anyone who is cozy enough with a co-founder of a racial hate group that he can text her at an ungodly hour and expect a response.  When you consider that BLM that is being sued for the death of two police officers, you d better believe that Cullors was not sending him unbiased legal advice, and Bennett was not looking for any.  Although I can’t read their text messages, judging by the fallout, I’m pretty that at some point that morning, the conversation turned to “how can we grab attention for our ’cause’ and make the police look as shitty and racist as possible.”

#2- Michael Bennett really likes making white people uncomfortable.  Don’t believe me?  This man is literally writing a book called Things That Make White People Uncomfortable.” So, maybe a person who has already publicly outed himself as an anti-White racist (and who chooses to align himself with other cop-hating racists) is not the type of person that we can trust to give an accurate representation of what happened in an altercation between himself and police.  But boy, did the liberal media fawn all over him this week as if he had performed an actual heroic act, you know, like our police, fire and first responder’s do regularly.

#3- Michael Bennett is doing this for the attention, just like his buddy, Kaepernick.  When he started kneeling during the National Anthem in the 2016 preseason, Colin Kaepernick may very well have had the sole intention of bringing awareness to “racial inequality.” However, since then Kaepernick’s actions have illustrated his hatred for Americans and particularly White America.  Wearing the t-shirt of a dictator, socks that mocked police, and donations to questionable political groups he has caused many to view his newfound “activism” with obvious cynicism.  Likewise, Bennett is not someone who has faced a tragedy because of the color of his skin, but a person who was detained by police because he knowingly refused to follow instructions from law enforcement. His anti-White leanings should have inspired anyone to skepticism when he whined about President Trump this week.  Bennett is your typical ridiculous social justice warrior who courts attention at all costs.  Nothing he says should be taken seriously by any White person, including NFL players.

Sadly, even today, racial misconduct where the officer is at fault still happens in America. However, even the truncated TMZ version of the video makes it pretty clear to most sane observers that Michael Bennett was not ‘singled out’ by police because of the color of his skin. He succeeded in turning a non-story into a racially-fueled media circus. Bennett joins Kapaernick and the rest of the NFL kneelers, as catalysts for the mass exodus of NFL fans and harbingers of the slow death of what was once America’s game.

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One Reply to “Top 3 Reasons Why I Knew Michael Bennett Was A Race Baiter”

  1. 4th Reason: The NFL is partially owned by George Soros and Barack Obama. They are all part of the false flag operation taking place in front of us. BLM is another Soros funded operation, to divide Americans Black and White. Antifa is another Soros funded operation. A brainwashed society that now claims they are Nazis and plan to take over our streets. They say they will grow in numbers by the millions and eventually overthrow our present government. With the mainstream media so biased to the left that George Soros has power and money and influence over CNN. Don Lemon is just reading off a teleprompter and has no brain of his own to have serious debates. WAKE UP! Our ancestors made an undeniable horrible mistake in slavery. We corrected that mistake to the best they knew how back then. We are all Americans now. Not African Americans nor European Americans. The reality is, we are just Americans that have to come together, love one another in a non-politically correct way, and work out our issues. The government can’t fix this. Only we can together in unity. Our government has become so powerful and controlling, with shadow governments, deep staters. They blatantly and unconstitutionally work for themselves. Not the people that work hard and feed them the money that they steal from us that we can’t afford. Look at how many of us are getting killed by ruthless people that follow the era of Bush, Clinton and Obama administrations who should all be in jail. If we were subpoenaed to bring in all our illegal back channel illegal servers, computers, and refused until they are smashed and cleaned they would throw us in jail. There is plenty of evidence to back all this up. Now Michael Bennett obviously lied about the how the police detained him and how long did they hold him for? 10 Min.
    Any white guy doing what he did, being very suspicious and fleeing out the casino would have been obtained in the same way in those circumstances. So obviously Soros got Colin Kaepernick to start this and Bennett pumping his black power fist every time he tackles a white guy. After lying about his Vegas incident and showing his hatred to white people. Was it really worth it to break a white quarterback’s back?
    This is a false flag people. Question everything you hear and see. With the mass shooting and all the misconceptions coming from it. Antifa showing up along with racist to cause violence.
    Eyes Open.

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