White Hating Shitbag Racist Michael Bennett Beats Elderly Women

What more can I say about Shitbag Racist Michael Bennett.  I’ve already posted a few times about this bearded crusty asshole, so here goes:

  • He hates White Americans.
  • He hates police
  • He has Black Lies Matter on speed dial
  • Bennett is a camera craving attention whore
  • Falsely cried racism against the Las Vegas Police Dept.
  • He tried to intentionally blow out the knee of another player (who was White)
  • Pushed an elderly lady after SuperBowl LI
  • Is probably looking for a (White) pregnant woman to kick in the uterus right now.

Alright, the last one I made up.  But if Shitbag Racist Michael Bennett was charged with that tomorrow, would it surprise you?

From 6ABC.com

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said Bennett allegedly told the people he had pushed, “You all must know who I am and I can own this (expletive). I’m going down to the field, whether you like it or not.”

Acevedo called Bennett “morally bankrupt” for pushing the two women. Police said the disabled woman suffered a sprained shoulder when she was allegedly pushed by Bennett, hitting the back of her 800-pound, motorized wheelchair.

“Mr. Bennett may think that because he’s an NFL player and some time passed … he may have thought that, number one, rules don’t apply to him, number two, he doesn’t have to respect the dignity of a paraplegic woman who’s trying to earn a living,” Acevedo said at a news conference.

A few things. Why the shit was an elderly woman in a wheelchair working security?  Clearly one of the gifts of mandatory “inclusiveness” in our workplaces is that we get to see screaming examples of idiotic hiring like this.  Second, why the hell did this take a year to make headlines?  We’ve had to put up with Shitbag Racist Michael Bennett’s anti-White racist fuckery, and this could have put an early end to it. Of course, ESPN will find some way of making this assclown look like the victim here.

I don’t know who the victim is here, but I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that she doesn’t resemble Rosa Parks.

Ready for a quick game of What Are the Odds?

The 66-year old victim of Shitbag Racist Michael Bennett’s assault was White:  (-2,000).

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