Why I Boycotted Bud Light After Their Sexist Commercials Starring Fat Amy Schumer and Seth Rogan

Since I have previously discussed the need to boycott ESPN after they gave their on-air personality Racist Jemele Hill a slap on the wrist for her Twitter tirade against President Donald Trump, I thought that I would share a product that I have personally boycotted since last year.

In the summer of 2016, Bud Light ran a series of politically tinged ad spots featuring Hollywood stars Seth Rogan and Fat Amy Schumer as spokesmen for the “Bud Light Party,” a reference to the yet-undecided 2016 Presidential Election.

The premise behind them was a discussion between Schumer and Rogan where he states that “Women don’t get paid as much as men, and that is wrong.” And, Rogan is spot on.  Not that his statement was correct, but that the premise “Women don’t get paid as much as men” is wrong! 

In most any form of employment, at the same job and description women are paid the same amount as men.  The Equal Pay Act of 1963 ensures that employers must pay women at the same rate as men for jobs in the same workplace fulfilling similar roles.  This applies to all government positions and the majority of private employers.  Since this is a federal law, failure to comply can mean that a firm could face costly and time consuming lawsuits.

Now, do women earn as much as men on average?  They do not. However, there are several reasons for this, including the fact that men tend to work longer hours than women and that there are several jobs that men work that women will not.  Men typically dominate jobs in fields of employment such as mining, construction, forestry, and mechanics. Women simply don’t gravitate toward jobs in these physically demanding fields where the pay is far greater than typical office work.

There has been a recent push to hire more women in tech-related jobs with higher pay.  However, some companies, for a myriad of reasons, have placed women into positions for which they are not properly qualified.  The latest and most disastrous example of this is the ridiculousness at Equifax, where their Chief Information Security Officer, Susan Mauldin, had no formal accreditation in information security or technology. Equifax placed the responsibility of Information Security in the hands of someone who’s schooling consisted of a Masters of Fine Arts in Music!   The result?  The personal information of 143 million people are now in the hands of hackers.  This is not meant to imply that women are not capable of these type of jobs, but that the rush to fill high-end jobs with women solely because they are women, has, and will continue to have serious negative consequences.

So, the premise of the commercials did not sit well with me.  Neither did the stars that Bud Light featured.  Seth Rogan’s personal failings have been noted on other websites, that is a story for another day.  I never found Amy Schumer funny.  I found her even less amusing as she became another shrieking voice of modern-day feminism. Bud Light advertisements used to be lighthearted fun, featuring fit girls in swimsuits, instead of espousing tired feminist crap starring Fat Amy Schumer.  So when I choose a light beer, I’ll spend my money on one without a political agenda.

Better yet, if you voted for Trump, you’ll want to grab a Yuengling instead.  Not only is it crafted in America’s oldest brewery, their President publicly backed Trump during his campaign.  As we shift our finances into the hands of those who support our ideals and away from companies who entertain the social cause du jour and the Anti-Trump, Anti-White Narrative, those corporations will either drop their incessant lectures or they will take a massive hit to their bottom line.

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