Bleeding Vagina Liberals on College Campuses

When will the (red) tide of lunacy be stemmed on our nations college campuses?  Apparently, not today! Score one for bleeding vagina liberals:


University of Florida students walked around campus Tuesday with fake menstrual blood on their pants to protest the lack of free feminine hygiene products on campus.

On January 15, a student government committee rejected a proposal to provide free menstrual products to female students through the mandatory Activity and Service Fee, expressing concerns about applying mandatory fees paid by all students towards “funding that would only benefit the female half of the UF student body.”

Well, it’s not just the female “half.” UF is 55% female, and as universities continue to skew more heavily toward female undergraduates, they will remain susceptible to examples of ‘bleeding vagina’ feminism like this.

However, the point is still clear. Why should men be forced to pay for women’s hygiene products? If a woman can “put on her big girl panties” and go for that engineering degree, then she should be expected to keep those panties from getting blood all over them on her own.

A student group called “Gatters Matter, Period.,” which began circulating a petition in support of the proposal last fall, responded by organizing a “bleed-in” protest during which roughly two-dozen students stained the back of their pants red, according to The Alligator.

“This is a part of reproductive justice,” Shannon Matthew, who was among the first students to join the protest, told the Alligator. “I’m not ashamed of my period, and I don’t think anyone should be.”

It’s hilarious to hear these college females bleed piss and moan about their need for “reproductive justice,” when men enjoy pretty much zero reproductive rights in our American society. But it also speaks to a broader issue of how women’s voices on college campuses are given an inordinate amount of respect compared to those of men, especially White men.

“Heteronormativity is rampant on this campus,” complained Sophia Ahmed, one of the organizers of the “bleed-in” protest. “Today I held a little protest for free menstrual protects. If you saw my butt that was evidence. And I say menstrual not feminine because menstruation should not be gendered. Some men get periods.”

“Heteronormativity,” is defined as a belief in two genders. This was the conviction of the entire world from its inception until the Clinton administration.

“And I say menstrual not feminine because menstruation should not be gendered. Some men get periods.”

Menstruation should not be gendered! This twat!  Menstrual can be nothing other than feminine!  What man will use those free feminine blood-soaking products that Ahmed is demanding?

That’s not even the most mindless thing that she said in that paragraph…  Men don’t get periods.  No matter what these news sources and websites (run by females) tell you, men do not get periods. This bitch is typical of the female voices who are celebrated on college campuses in 2018. Perpetually offended, perpetually demanding, perpetually screaming about “their rights,” and perpetually infringing on the physical and psychological space of Conservative and White men on campus.

Sophia Ahmed, and bleeding vagina liberals like her shouldn’t be the voice at our nation’s universities.  She can buy her own damn tampons and bleed me a river.

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