Ecosexuals – The Next Level of Liberal Retardedness

During the mid-2010’s, coincidentally, the late years of the Obama administration, transgenders and “gender-fluid” things were introduced to our culture, and force-fed to our society through mainstream and social media.  What’s the next step for the mentally deranged in our country as we progress from people who don’t know what gender they are? How about people who don’t know what to fuck?

From Vice:

From skinny dippers to people who have actual intercourse with nature, ecosexuality is a growing movement taking a new approach to combatting climate change.

The movement’s growing prominence owes much to the efforts of Bay Area performance artists, activists, and couple Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens, who have made ecosexuality a personal crusade. They have published an “ecosex manifesto” on their website SexEcology and produced several films on the theme, including a documentary, Goodbye Gauley Mountain: An Ecosexual Love Story, which depicts the “pollen-amorous” relationship between them and the Appalachian Mountains. And while touring a theater piece across the country, Dirty Sexecology: 25 Ways to Make Love to the Earth, they’ve officiated wedding ceremonies where they and fellow ecosexuals marry the earth, the moon, and other natural entities.

Amanda Morgan, a faculty member at the UNLV School of Community Health Sciences who is involved in the ecosexual movement, says that ecosexuality could be measured in a sense not unlike the Kinsey Scale: On one end, it encompasses people who try to use sustainable sex products, or who enjoy skinny dipping and naked hiking. On the other are “people who roll around in the dirt having an orgasm covered in potting soil,” she said. “There are people who fuck trees, or masturbate under a waterfall.”

Hey ladies… have your ultra-liberal viewpoints, lack of hygiene and steadfast refusal to shave your armpits and/or ladyparts kept you from finding a guy who wants to throw it in you?  This branch doesn’t support the patriarchy…

27 years ago, UNLV brought us one of the most dominant college basketball teams of all time in the 1989-1991 UNLV Running Rebels. Today, their contribution to our society is pushing ecosexuals and their lunacy on us.  Sad.


Does the wasp want to sting her? Or have ecosexual relations with her face?

But, even as Liberal women accuse so many men of being sexually aggressive, they don’t seem to have any trouble forcing their way on an Earth that may not be able to fight off their sexual advances.

Funny, I didn’t hear that flower give ‘consent’ before it got finger-blasted.

Ecosexuals even have a place indoors to practice their fuckery, an “ecosexual bathhouse.

Fisting. You’re doing it wrong.
Taking “grass grazing” to the next level.

Get over here, little girl. You’re gonna take every inch of my… freshly cut flowers.

Take a look at the men in the pictures above.  The guy who is elbow deep in a mulch filled bathtub is in a darkened room with two women who are at there to get in touch with their erotic side. They would rather read a magazine then pay him even a moment’s attention. Even more pathetic, the guy laying down next to the girl on the bed.  He is pretty much naked and dyiiiiiiing for that girl or perhaps a stray Venus flytrap to touch his lonely lollipop in a sexual manner.

He is pretty much naked, body tilted toward her. She is fully clothed, paying him no mind. She would rather stare at the ceiling and take in the ‘erotic energy’ of the surrounding plant life than the vibe of desperation emanating from him.  The women who have hitched on to this movement are retarded.  But the straight men involved with this are pathetic beyond ridicule.

Look at the pics on those links guys… Not a Trump voter in sight. Every single one of these ecosexuals who found the time to pull the plants out of their orifices and vote were #WithHer.  Which, over time, isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  As people who have achieved this level of Liberal continue wasting their sexual energies on fingerbanging petunias and licking bark, they will waste their reproductive windows and fail to pass on their lackluster genetics. ‘Weeding’ themselves out of humanity, if you will.

Two of the artists behind the bathhouse described the experience as a:

“no-holds-barred extravaganza meant to dissolve the barriers between species as we descend into oblivion.”

This is a telling quote. In post-Obama America, Liberals have employed Rancid Feminism to dissolve the “barriers” between the sexes by:

  • recognizing “gender fluidity”
  • mainstream transgender acceptance
  • pushing women into occupations historically staffed  primarily by men
  • forcing women into ridiculous heroine roles in movies
  • encouraging women to take on empowered/queen bee personalities that naturally repel most men
  • nearly propelling Hillary Clinton’s decrepit, corrupt, bloated carcass into the White House as leader of the free world

Dissolving the natural barriers between the sexes has accelerated America’s ‘descent into oblivion.’ It is Liberals, who share political DNA with the ecosexuals, who are to blame.


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  1. Absolutely beyond disgusting!! The final frontier!! The outer limits of the most extreme far left Fascist lusting panting needing evil carnal desires. “Madness! Madness!” The last 2 words spoken at the end of the movie 🍿 🎥

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