Woman in Minivan Drives into White House Security Barrier

Let’s put aside the female driver jokes for a moment and take a look at one of today’s headlines from the White House.  An unidentified woman drove into a White House security barrier this afternoon.

Yahoo! News:

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A Tennessee woman driving a white van on Friday intentionally drove into a White House security barrier but did not breach it, and she was immediately apprehended and put under arrest, the U.S. Secret Service said.

No shots were fired and no law enforcement personnel were hurt, the Secret Service said in a statement.

Previous encounters with the 35-year-old woman from La Vergne, Tennessee, near the White House had resulted “in numerous arrests for a variety of criminal violations,” it added, without giving her name.

“The female was again charged today with numerous criminal violations and transported to the Metropolitan Police Department,” the statement said, adding that normal operations had resumed at the White House complex.

“This minivan came and crashed into the barricade and tried to push through the barricade and his tires were burning rubber and a lot of smoke was coming up,” eyewitness Chris Bello, 50, of New York, told reporters near the scene.

“And then about 30 seconds after that the two security guards that were in the booth, you know, ordered him to stop doing what he was doing and he didn’t listen,” Bello said.

The White House was put on a temporary partial lockdown following the crash, which occurred shortly after a meeting there between President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who was still at the White House.

Trump later tweeted: “Thank you to the great men and women of the United States @SecretService for a job well done!”

Streets surrounding the White House were cordoned off, snarling local traffic.

A reporter for the local Fox channel affiliate tweeted that a witness had reported seeing officers pull a woman out of the vehicle’s window at gunpoint. He posted a photograph of what he said was the white Chevrolet minivan that hit the barrier.

Reuters video showed the minivan with an American flag emblem on the back and with both its rear window and a side window smashed. The video showed a law enforcement officer checking the underside of the van with a mirror.

CNN, citing unnamed law enforcement sources, said the action of driving into the barricade was not directed at the president or anyone at the White House and that mental health issues may have been a factor.

Well, thanks for clearing that up, CNN.  Unfortunately, like many Americans, I simply can not take what they report seriously.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and put up a few prop bets on our mystery maniac in a new game on this blog that I call “What Are The Odds.”

What Are The Odds That…

She voted for Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential Election (-10,000)

She attended a “Pussy Parade” (-2000)

She has met the immovable force of The Wall with the violent intensity of an asteroid colliding with the surface of the Earth, or at least with the force of her minivan smashing into the White House barrier. (-3000)  Supporting facts: She is 35.  And while The Wall takes no prisoners, it seems to take an especially bitter toll on fans of the WhiteWater Wench.

She identifies as a Feminist and/or a  Fierce/Empowered/Queen Bee and owns a T-shirt or coffee mug advertising this: (-2000)

How many cats does our Mystery Maiden own OVER/UNDER: 3.5 (I’ll take the “over”)

She owns a book on, or has participated in the act of spirit cooking: (+200)

She sleeps with this pillow: (EVEN)



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One Reply to “Woman in Minivan Drives into White House Security Barrier”

  1. The article says woman and refers to it as “him” in several places.

    No one trusts CNN, once again CNN cites unnamed sources and spreads disinformation.

    “Mental Health Issues involved” yet she is driving 3000 lbs. of killing machine. Yet, no hypocritical leftist calls for the banning of these machines of terror. Not one person on either side has called for mental health evaluations for millions of drivers. How many times has an automobile been used in a terror or some other form of violent attack? How about Road Rage?

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