Colleges Elect to Trim the Fat Course Studies off Course Selections

This morning reports that colleges are trimming the fat.. course studies off of their course selection lists.

The recent proliferation of “fat studies” courses appears to be running out of steam, with many colleges nixing the classes from their curricula after media backlash.

Within the last two years, Oregon State University (OSU), Tufts UniversityDickinson College,Willamette College, the University of Maryland-College Park, and Portland State University have all offered at least one fat studies course.

The courses, typically taught in women’s studies or sociology departments, teach students about issues such as “weight justice,” “fat liberation,” and “fatness as a social construct.”

But in the wake of widespread criticism of such courses, Campus Reform has discovered that only two of those colleges continue to teach fat studies—Dickinson and OSU.

OSU professor Patti Lou Watkins continues to teach her annual spring “Fat Studies” class examining “weight-based oppression as a social justice issue,” which has only three students currently enrolled.

Typically taught in women’s studies or sociology departments?  Go figure! 

Now, if only the rest of the #BodyPositive heifers would take the hint. Fine, I will spell it out: Nobody cares that you are oppressed. However, men, being visual creatures do judge you based on your outward appearance.  Instead of mooing about how much we are oppressing you, realize that if you choose to fight “healthism,” you will be removed from our list of potential mates far faster than these universities removed those courses from their curriculum.

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